Neil Pont

Wildlife Photography

Links to people who have helped me and whose work I admire... ...

Carl Chapman runs wildlife tours and photography courses from his home in Norfolk. Julia and I have been clients of Carl on several occasions and are always amazed at his depth of knowledge. He is the 'guru' I turn to when I am stuck - especially with bird ID! But, he never gives me the answer - he always asks me questions so that I have to work it out for myself... (the rotter!)

Wildlife Tours and Education (Carl Chapman)

Martyn Kitching runs a similar business to Carl - but is based in Northumberland. We went on an Otter Safari with Martyn - and had great views of otter within the first half hour. He insists he didn't have a colleague releasing the animal as we arrived at Druridge Pools... ...

Northern Experience Wildlife Tours (Martyn Kitching)

We met Richard Winston on a tour to the Cairngorms with Carl Chapman. Richard is an excellent wildlife photographer and has his own website which is well worth a visit.

Watch the Birdie Wildlife Photography (Richard Winston)

Roy Adams runs birding tours in Hungary - near the Bukk Mountains. He is an 'ex-copper' from the UK who now lives in Hungary full-time. He knows his local patch extremely well and is a real whizz when it comes to woodpeckers! We will be going to Hungary to tour with Roy again in 2016. My pictures from our visit in 2015 are here.

Hungarian Bird Tours (Roy Adams)